Christian protecting the puppies for Justice Rescue

The Hero Kid Evolves
On September 12, 2001, my daughter, who was eight at the time asked if you had to be an adult to be a Hero. I said no, a kid could be a Hero just by their actions. That night I registered the domain name of TheHeroKid.com. Fast forward to 2011, when as a way to recognize, through photography, the selfless first responders who do so much for the people in our communities, I decided to launch the site.

As our journey has progressed, we have had the privilege of meeting many remarkable children, each facing life’s challenges with courage beyond their years. We were thus inspired to build on our original idea and create visual tributes to the strength of these amazing young people.

We still plan to honor the Heroes who walk among us every day but we now intend to highlight those that are facing life’s challenges either by their own will or through something they didn’t ask for. Those brave kids that have taken it upon themselves to make this world a better place just by being here.

Joe Chambers Hero Kid session

Joe Chambers Hero Kid session

Heroes come in all sizes and TheHeroKid.com intends to show what heroism is all about by sharing their stories and helping to support their battles.

Thank you for visiting and seeing the heroes among us as we grow their stories one Hero at a time.